Who is Yudo Andreawan? This is the profile and bio of the viral man who was caught in a rage at the Manggarai Station


BONSERNEWS.com – Who is Yudo Andreawan? a man who went viral on social media because he was often caught throwing tantrums in public places.

Yudo Andreawan has recently been a hot topic of conversation on social media.

The man, who is known to have a large, fat body, came into the spotlight because previously he was recorded being angry with a passenger in the Manggarai station area.

Yudo Andreawan’s name then went viral and one by one his past “actions” were scrutinized by netizens.

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Yudo Andreawan became a hot topic so that his name became a trending topic on various social media.

No doubt, many people are curious about the figure of Yudo Andreawan, who recently made a splash in the virtual world.

As summarized by Bonsernews.com, here is complete information on the figure and bio of Yudo Andreawan.

Yudo Andreawan, is a man who was born in Bontang, on January 16, 1997.

He is currently 25 years old and has a Master of Laws degree.

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Yudo Andreawan went viral through various videos shared by users, where a fat man looks angry at residents at the Manggarai station.

From the video, Yudo Andreawan’s name was immediately highlighted until it was revealed that he often ‘played with emotions’ in various public places.

Not only that, Yudo Andreawan was also widely scrutinized after he was too ‘humble’ to have a dentist girlfriend.

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