COMPLETE BIODATA Yudo Andreawan, Age of Education to Origin, Viral Several Times Recorded Going Angry in Public Places – This is complete information on the profile and biodata of Yudo Andreawan, a man who has gone viral on social media because he is often involved in commotions in public places.

The figure and biodata of Yudo Andreawan are currently being searched for by users after the viral case of a man who was recorded in a commotion at the Manggarai station a few days ago.

No doubt, many people are intrigued by men with big stature and are often seen getting angry in public places.

The name Yudo Andreawan became known to be viral after a number of accounts on social media shared a video in which a man was recorded getting angry at Manggarai Station.

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From the information summarized, it is suspected that Yudo Andreawan was angry with a resident just because he accidentally bumped into him.

Seen in the circulating footage, Yudo Andreawan tries to chase one of the passengers by saying harsh words.

Not only that, he also seemed to continue to force himself to the passenger even though he had been tried to be secured by many officers.

After the video of Yudo Andreawan going berserk at the Manggarai station went viral, it seems that various recordings were also found where the man with the big frame was also involved in a series of other commotions.

As mentioned by the Twitter account @jhvanta, Yudo Andreawan was involved in disputes in various places, such as cafes, hotels, McD, to Lotte Mart in the Jakarta area.

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“After the cases (at the Bontang area cafe) and at the hotel, it wasn’t long before cases appeared at McD, at Lotte Mart, at GI, the last one at Manggarai,” said the account.

Then who exactly is the figure of Yudo Andreawan?

Here is the information.

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