Many are Kepo! Who is Yamada San JKT 48? Following are the complete profiles and biodata – The question of who is Yamada San JKT 48 is currently being asked by many netizens on various social media.

The name Yamada San JKT 48 invites many questions, many netizens want to find out who he really is

Indeed, recently, the name Yamada San JKT 48 has become a hot topic of conversation in various parts of the world, including in Indonesia.

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Many netizens are curious about who Yamada San JKT 48 really is and how old he is.

Through this article, we will provide the answer.

JKT48 profile

Before we get to know more about Yamada San JKT 48, let’s first understand JKT 48 as a very popular Indonesian idol group.

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The group was first introduced on December 17, 2011 and is the sister group of AKB 48, the legendary idol group from Japan which gained immense popularity in its homeland.

The main concept of JKT48 is “idols you can meet.”

This means fans can get closer to their idols through big stage performances, live meetings, handshake events, and other opportunities.

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Who is Yamada San JKT 48?

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