Who is Coach Zaya MLBB? Come check out the profile and biodata of the new trainers for RRQ Hoshi and Roamer next season


BONSERNEWS.com – Many people are curious about Coach Zaya’s figure in MLBB 2023 right now after RRQ officially announced their roster through their YouTube channel.

In the announcement, special attention was paid to RRQ Hoshi’s coaching section featuring old and new names including Coach Zaya.

Many don’t know the new coach named Zaya, so many are wondering and looking for profiles and biodata to find out who Coach Zaya really is.

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Zaya is one of the coaches of the RRQ Hoshi team, which has caught the attention of gaming fans because of this surprising decision.

The emergence of this unknown coach’s name has made many MLBB game lovers wonder, who is Coach Zaya?

If you want to know more about the profile and bio of the new trainer RRQ Hoshi, here is the information:

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Nickname: Zaya

Full Name: Zaya Win Paing

Education: Myanmar Maritime University

Role: Coach

Team: RRQ (Rex Regum Xeon)

Country of Origin: Myanmar

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