This is the profile of Aulia Akbar whose design was chosen as the IKN logo, it turns out that it is an alumni and has worked on this campus – The design by Aulia Akbar which was inspired by the tree of life succeeded in becoming the logo of the Capital City of the Archipelago (IKN) at the people’s vote.

This logo by Aulia Akbar received the most votes from an election involving more than 500,000 Indonesian citizens who cast their votes.

Aulia Akbar himself is a professional designer who works at POT Branding House, a design and communication consultancy in Bandung, West Java.

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The following is a complete profile of Aulia Akbar, who has been working in the design world since 2016.

Reported by the website, Aulia Akbar is a graphic designer who focuses on brand identity design using the Human Brand Model method.

From her LinkedIn profile, Aulia Akbar received her bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design Study Program at the Bandung National Institute of Technology from 2010 to 2014.

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Previously, Aulia Akbar also completed his education at SMAN 25 Bandung, which he attended from 2008-2010.

Since 2016, Aulia Akbar has joined the POT Branding House until now.

Aulia also has several other experiences in the design field such as being a Brand Director at Morotai Home Indonesia, a teaching assistant at the National Institute of Technology, and a graphic design mentor at Pixel Ninja ID.

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Aulia Akbar is also active in several design communities in Bandung such as in Bandung Design Friendly and the Bandung chapter of the Indonesian Graphic Designers Association.

He also has an UMKM named AKAČA Journal which he managed from 2015-2023.

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