The world’s most popular Halloween costumes (2023)

It’s that time of year again; the pumpkins are carved, the Halloween decorations are mounted, and the candy is ready for trick-or-treating at the front door. But the one question on everyone’s lips is which Halloween costume should you wear for the big day?

The World's Most Popular Halloween Costumes (2021)

With that question in mind, the experts at were keen to find out the most popular Halloween costumes in the world. To that end, we crunched monthly search volume data for the most common Halloween costumes in the world’s wealthiest countries to see which one ranked number one.

The World’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes

The world's most popular Halloween costumes MAP

With great power comes great responsibility, and this was no exception in this study. spider man is by far the most popular clothing search, topping 17 countries. Marvel superheroes dominate four of the six continents surveyed, becoming the costume of choice in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.

Maybe you picture yourself as a swashbuckling pirate?In this case, in second place, well behind Peter Parker, is pirate Clothing – An easy outfit to create yourself. This ranks highest among five countries, with people in Algeria, Australia, Colombia, Norway and Thailand opting to don cocked hats, blindfolds and hooks on the spookiest night of the year.

If you are a fan of black magic, then the third place on the list is witch Costumes. Topping out four countries (Argentina, Netherlands, Peru, and Venezuela), this is the top spot for “traditional” Halloween costumes, and definitely the witch vibe happening in South America, with three of the four countries.

Number four on the list is actually an eclectic mix of three different outfits: hippiethis devil and police Both rank among the best in both countries. Hippies are most popular in Germany and Austria, devils are most popular in Chile, Mexican and cops are most popular in Sweden and South Korea.

To complete the most popular Halloween costumes, we have a list of costumes that topped the list in one country:

  • dinosaur costumes in singapore
  • prison uniform in Japan
  • wizard Costumes in Taiwan
  • Unicorn costumes in Switzerland
  • nurse uniform in ukraine
  • superhero costume in belgium

Favorite country to dress up for Halloween

Favorite country to dress up for Halloween
Los Angeles, California, USA | Image credit: Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

Unsurprisingly, the number one country for monthly searches for Halloween costumes is U.S. (716,900).As the country most associated with Halloween traditions, and the third largest population in the world, monthly searches are close to six several times higher than the second place; this U.K..

As the supposed origin of Halloween is about 2000 years, U.K. Halloween costume searches are understandably popular, with 121,290 searches per month.

finish top three are Mexico 102,350 searches per month. Possibly better known for their Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival, it’s expected that Mexico may come out on top.

Brazil With 97,360 monthly searches, it ranks fourth on the list and is the highest-ranked South American country on the list, nearly 60,000 more than the ninth-ranked country Colombia (39,790) about 70,000 more than the twelfth place Argentina (24,950).

Germany (84,230) is the second-highest European country, followed by turkey (77,840) ranked fifth and sixth respectively.

In seventh place is Australia; the only representative on the list from the continent of Oceania, with 62,760 monthly searches. Canada Finished with 47,930 monthly searches for the North American unit in ninth place, while Russia Finished the top ten with 33,310.

You have to go all the way down to number 13 on the list before reaching our first Asian country, India (23,760). For our first African representative, you have to go down to sixteenth, South AfricaThere are 9,930 searches for Halloween costumes per month.

So we can reveal that 2021 is the year of Spider-Man when it comes to Halloween costumes. Witches are still a popular choice if you want to keep things traditional, or you might want to see if your local store carries unicorns or dinosaurs in any size if you want to be a little more “outside”. No matter what you decide to wear, I hope you have a great Halloween.


  1. aims to discover the world’s most popular Halloween costumes.
  2. A seed list of 35 popular Halloween costumes was created using reputable sources such as Buzzfeed,, and Country Living.
  3. To ensure significant results, the study selected the top 50 countries with the highest GDP.
  4. SEMrush was used to find the average monthly searches for each garment in the 50 countries analyzed. Semantics of search terms uses isolated search volumes with Halloween intent—for example, “X Halloween costumes”. Data extracted 6/10/2021-12/10/2021 and subject to change.
  5. Countries with unavailable or limited results on SEMrush were excluded from the study. This includes China, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt, UAE, Philippines and Nigeria.
  6. All clothing is then ranked based on the average monthly searches in each country.

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