The viral profile of Hanifah, a Taiwanese migrant worker, who was raided by her husband and Mr. Kos, turns out to be from Ponorogo – The following is complete information on the profile and biodata of Hanifah, a Taiwanese TKW whose husband and father raided the virus.

In the midst of a hot topic of conversation on social media, the viral video of Hanifah, a TKW Taiwanese, was raided by her husband.

The 40-second video shows the figure of TKW Hanifah being raided by her own husband while alone with another man.

This Taiwanese TKW Hanifah video was then posted by her husband to Facebook and immediately reaped a series of highlights by netizens.

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No doubt, the name Hanifah TKW Taiwan immediately became a hot topic of conversation and went viral on social media.

Even so, it seems that many of the social media users are curious about who the figure of this Viral Taiwan TKW Hanifah is.

For this reason, the following will discuss Hanifah’s complete profile and biodata, starting from her real name, age, origin, to her social media accounts.

Check out the full explanation below.

It is known that Hanifah is a wife who works as a TKW in Taiwan.

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She is said to have been married to a man named Tomy three months ago, before she was caught in the middle of being alone with her boarding house father.

Hanifah turns out to be a woman who comes from Ponorogo Regency, East Java.

He is known to work as an employee at a technology company in Taiwan.

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