Seven Young People Entering the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2023 List, Bringing Positive Influence at Their Age – Forbes re-announced the list of young entrepreneurs, leaders and pioneers who can be called successful and bring positive influence at a relatively young age under 30 years in 2023.

Indonesia recorded seven young people who were included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2023 list. They have been proven to make good changes and encourage innovation amidst a challenging economy.

There are seven young people who are leaders, young entrepreneurs or pioneers who are considered successful in innovating in the fields of food, retail and manufacturing.

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Who are those on the list and what are their contributions?

1. Eco Pujianto
Eko is the CEO of PT. Sari Kreasi Boga Tbk (SKB Food) is currently only 29 years old.
SKB is a franchise company engaged in the provision of food and beverage such as Turkish Kebab, Pul Chicken, Baba Rafi, Container Kebab, Smokey Kebab, Rafi Express, Surgery, Kebab Kitchen, Baba Rafi Cafe, Whole Chicken and Jellyta.

One of its most famous franchise brands is Kebab Baba Rafi. This franchise business has more than 900 franchise partners.

Eko joined SKB Food in 2019. At that time, he helped represent investors in developing his business. Then after a year, Eko was trusted to serve as president director.

In August 2022 SKB Food listed its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. From the results of the IPO, the company managed to raise funds of IDR 119 billion.

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2. Felix Saputra
Felix is ​​the Co-founder of the dental clinic Satu Dental, now he is 28 years old. Felix’s dental clinic is different from other dental clinics because Satu Dental provides affordable dental care prices and also opens online dental consultation services.

Established since December 2021, Satu Dental currently has 14 clinics that have accommodated 100 dentists, spread across Jakarta and its surrounding areas. He plans to build 35 dental clinics this year.

Before he founded Satu Dental, Felix had worked at Bukalapak, Japfa and Traveloka.

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