Let’s take a peek at Andi Annisa Iasyah’s full profile, the third person in the relationship between Fandy Christian and Dahlia Poland

BONSERNEWS.com – The beautiful woman and soap opera player Andi Annisa Iasyah, called Icha, was hit by the issue of being the third person.

He was caught sending an intimate message to Fandy Christian, without thinking much about Fandy Christian’s wife, Dahlia Poland.

Dahlia Poland revealed her second short message to her Instagram, and here is Andi Annisa Iasyah’s full profile

Andi Annisa Iasyah alias Icha started his career as a cameo in Miko 2 Sunday Night with Raditya Dika.

Born of Andi’s blood which means noble descent, by the Bugis or Makassar people the name Andi is of honorable descent.

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However, what Andi Annisa Iasyah did was the wrong way, and could not be tolerated.

Dahlia Poland had known about the affair between Fandy Christian and Andi Annisa Iasyah for a long time.

But fans of Andi Annisa Iasyah continued to defend their idol, saying that this was just a setup to increase the rating of her husband’s soap opera.

Andi Annisa Iasyah and Revalina S Temat competed in soap operas. “Don’t Go Mother”. With Dahlia Poland’s husband, Fandy Christian.

Netizens suspect that they are both in love, and are considered to be unable to limit feelings with work.

Fandy Christian’s action by sending a short message to Andi Annisa Iasyah’s number was not commendable.

Until now Andi Annisa Iasyah is still evasive in providing clarifications and avoiding the media.

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