Hiba Abouk Profile, Actress Who Is Threatened with Total Failure to Receive Gono-Gini Property from Her Husband Achraf Hakimi


BONSERNEWS.com – The name Hiba Abouk is now in the world’s spotlight. Apart from being the wife of Achraf Hakimi who succeeded in bringing the Moroccan national team to the semifinals of the 2022 world cup, now her figure is being scrutinized because she filed for divorce from her husband.

It is known that Hiba is a woman of Libyan and Tunisian descent.

Hiba herself is not an ordinary woman. He is an artist in Spain who has starred in various films in that country.

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Apart from being curious about the figure of the wife of the football player who is known to be a devout Muslim, the public is now also curious about the wife’s religion.

The following is a profile of Hiba Abouk, the wife of a soccer player from the Paris Saint – Germany Team.

Profile of Hiba Abouk

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Hiba was born in Madrid, Spain on October 30, 1986.

Hiba is the youngest of 4 siblings. Although Hiba is a well-known artist in Spain, he is of Libyan and Tunisian descent. This made the artist master Spanish, French, English, Arabic and also Italian.

He had studied at the Francais Institute, Lycee Francais de Madrid, then he continued to study Arabic philology and succeeded in obtaining a Licentiate degree in drama.

Hiba began his foray into the Spanish entertainment scene in 2008.

He first appeared in an episode of the El Syndrome De Ulises show.

However, he only seriously started acting in 2010 when he appeared in a show called La Isla De Los Nominados.

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