Full Profile of Matty Healy, The 1975 Rumored Singer of CLBK with Taylor Swift

BONSERNEWS.com – Matty Healy, vocalist of the band The 1975, is in the public spotlight after rumors of him dating singer Taylor Swift.

Quoted from The Sun, Taylor Swift and Matty Healy actually dated once 10 years ago. However, at that time the time was not right, so their relationship did not continue to date.

Now, several close sources say that Taylor Swift and Matty Healy are in love. Both are said to be very proud and excited about this love affair.

The public then began to find out who Matty Healy was, who was rumored to be Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend, after the female musician separated from her old boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Check out Matty Healy’s profile below!

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Matty Healy’s profile

Matthew Timothy Healy, better known as Matty Healy, is an English singer-songwriter from the rock band The 1975.

Matty Healy was born in Hendon, England on April 8, 1989 into a well-known British actor family, namely actor Tim Healy and actress Denise Welch.

He has a brother named Louis Healy who was born in 2001. Just like their parents, Louis is also an actor.

However, the relationship between Matty’s mother and father did not last long, so they decided to divorce in 2012.

After his parents divorced, Matty’s mother dated Lincoln Townley.

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Matty Healy’s career

In 2002, Matty Healy formed the band The 1975 with Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald, and George Daniel.

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