DIY Beaded Hearts – Valentine’s Day Gifts

Jewelry is always a great gift, especially around Valentine’s Day. Speaking of which, what better way to express your feelings than with a heart charm filled with cute little beads?

Photos of wire cores with beads (6)

Today we’re going to be making a wire heart with beads so you can give it to your loved ones. This would be a great pendant they could wear every day and it’s especially great because it will go with just about every style.

Core material with beads

  • chain
  • bead
  • jump ring
  • thick line
  • thin line
  • Round nose pliers
  • clamp

How to Make a Wire Heart from Beads

We’ve gathered our materials and are ready to start making our beautiful beaded wire hearts. Such a cute design we can’t wait to get started. We want you to have all the materials and tools ready too so you don’t have to hunt around later.

Wire core with bead material

Step 1: Make a Heart

We’ll start by creating a heart.take thick line and start shaping it into a heart shape. We went with a small gauge (remember that smaller gauge wires are actually thicker), but you can choose any size that suits your needs, especially since the thicker they are, the harder it will be to bend them.

Thread Hearts with Beads (1)

You want to create the first half of the heart, and then work on the second half, trying to create a somewhat symmetrical shape. Our results were a little wild, but we think that gave it a lot of character. Given the thickness of the wire, you won’t be able to bend it as quickly, but it will still look great.

Thread Hearts with Beads (2)

Thread Hearts with Beads (3)

Once you’ve managed to get the whole line into a heart shape, you should move on to making some twists at the end to close the design. Bend the longer wire to the other end.

Thread Hearts with Beads (4)

After twisting the wires as shown in the picture below, you can get yourclamp And cut off the excess wire.

Thread Hearts with Beads (5)

for you! A beautiful heart shape.

Thread Hearts with Beads (6)

Step 2: Start Adding Beads

Now that your heart foundation is complete, it’s time for the next step. Take the thin wire and use pliers to cut a suitable length of wire.

Thread Hearts with Beads (7)

Thread Hearts with Beads (8)

Then, wrap one end around the side of the heart and secure it.

Thread Hearts with Beads (9)

start adding some Pink beads.We chose light pink and other almost transparent faceted beads. Line up the three beads, then cross the wire to the other side and wrap multiple times around the heart-shaped thick wire.

Thread Hearts with Beads (10)

Thread Hearts with Beads (11)

Thread Hearts with Beads (12)

Continue with another thread, adding another three beads and threading the thread to a different location. Again, wrap the wire multiple times around the heart’s thick wire.

Thread Hearts with Beads (13)

Thread Hearts with Beads (14)

Continue building each wire with a few beads, and move from one spot on the heart to the next. You want to create a spider web of wires that reaches all areas of the heart.

Thread Hearts with Beads (15)

Every time you secure a thin wire to a thick wire, you want to wind it around the base a few times – make sure you wind it around its own base as well so it stays in place.

Thread Cores with Beads (16)

You can also push the wire you’re using under the other wires you’ve already tied. This way, you’ll have a sturdier design.

Thread Hearts with Beads (17)

Thread Hearts with Beads (18)

Thread Hearts with Beads (19)

Add more and more wires until the entire center of the heart is filled with beads and the wires are all secured in place.

Thread Hearts with Beads (20)

After adding the beads, we need to secure the wires. Push the tip through the loop formed on the heart’s thick wire, then turn back and push it through the other loop. Since you can’t twist them too tight with your fingers, you can at least braid it until it’s fully secure.

Thread Hearts with Beads (21)

Thread Cores with Beads (22)

Thread Hearts with Beads (23)

If you want to make it more secure, make sure to pull the wire tight and twist it a little more. Take the pliers and cut off the excess wire.

Thread Hearts with Beads (24)

Arrange some more beads if necessary.

Thread Hearts with Beads (25)

Step 3: Finish the Core with Beads

Now that the heart is done, you’re almost done.get big jump ring and push it over the side of the heart. The ring should fit between the thick wire and the bead mesh.

Thread Hearts with Beads (26)

Attach the chain to the jump ring and you’re officially done! check it out! We think it looks great, and it would be a beautiful piece that anyone would love to wear.

Thread Hearts with Beads (27)

We’d love to see how you turn out, so drop us a line and show off your creations!

Obviously, you can make some changes to the design. First, we used a copper tone for the wires, chains and jump rings, but you can also choose a silver material. In addition, the color of the beads can also be changed. It all depends on your imagination!

Photos of wire cores with beads (1)

If you’re doing this for yourself, you can do whatever you want, and if you’re doing it for someone else, we’re sure you’ll be able to figure out what they like. We know one thing for sure – your Valentine will be impressed with all the time, thought and love that went into this creation!

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