Dare to Criticize the Lampung Government, Here’s the Profile of Bima Yudho Saputro Defended by This First Minister

BONSERNEWS.com – The name Bima Yudho Saputro is currently being discussed by the public.

He is one of the Lampung residents who dares to criticize the government because of Lampung’s limited infrastructure.

Bima himself is a Tiktoker with the name Awbima Reborn. Bima is an Australian student who comes from Lampung.

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Through his tiktok account, he introduced himself as a young man from Lampung.

“You know my name is Bima, I come from this province, Dajjal, and I’m still going through my study process in Australia,” said Bima.

In the video he mentions the reasons why Lampung is not moving forward.

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“I want a presentation about the reasons for Lampung this is not advanced, introduce the name of the cave Bima, I come from Lampung.”

“I come from Lampung and now I’m still studying in Australia. The first reason is Lampung not advanced because of limited infrastructure,” he continued.

Because of the video, activist Ghinda Anshori policed ​​the 20-year-old student.

He also objected to the vocabulary used by Bima to criticize the government.

Get Protection Visa

As a result of this incident, Bima, who originally had a student visa, now has a protection visa.

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