British band Coldplay will perform in Jakarta, let’s check the profiles and biodata of members of the British band – Formed by a group of students from University College London, Coldplay is now known as one of the world’s top bands.

The group fronted by Chris Martin cs has produced many works that have won Grammy Awards and record the highest album sales.

Are you a big fan looking for Coldplay’s profile and bio to get to know Chris Martin cs?

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Don’t worry, this article provides information about the British band, complete with inspirational stories of their career journey to achieve success.

Initially, Coldplay was just a band formed by a number of students from a university in London, England.

In its early days, the four-member band used the name Starfish until 1998 before changing to Coldplay.

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In the past, this band was underestimated because their genre did not match the music trends of the time.

But who would have thought, the members actually proved otherwise by releasing a single titled Yellow (2000).

Yellow managed to skyrocket so that the name Coldplay began to be taken into account and juxtaposed with popular bands of their time, namely Radiohead and Oasis.

Coldplay even labeled as one of the biggest bands in the early 21st century.

The presence of Chris Martin cs is considered to provide fresh air among the mushrooming British pop and alternative rock bands at that time.

This band is considered to have a meditative musical element and is more towards limestone rock which tends to be sensitive and emotional rather than hard rock.

Editor: Mohamad Irfan Fadly



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