Biodata of Xu Zhihui Kills a Cat in a Blender whose Video Goes Viral on Twitter, Turns Out to be a Food Vlogger – This is complete information on the profile and biodata of Xu Zhihui, the perpetrator of torture and the recording of a cat in a blender that has gone viral on social media.

The name Xu Zhihui reaped a series of attention and criticism from netizens from all over the world.

His brutal action in killing a cat by means of a blender earned public outrage until his name was searched for by netizens from various countries.

From the video circulating, you can see a black and white striped cat put into the blender machine alive and held in place by the blender lid so it can’t get out.

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Next, Xu Zhihui then consciously and deliberately turned on the blender machine and made the cat whimper in pain.

Seen in the video, the poor cat screams in pain and tries hard to get out of the blender machine.

However, because the top of the machine is closed, this cat can’t move much.

Throughout the video, the groaning of a cat can be clearly heard, which can’t stand the pain.

The entire body of the cat that was trapped in the blender machine was instantly filled with running water due to the very fast cutting of the blender knife.

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Tragically, the cat finally died horribly in a condition that had been torn to pieces.

Then who exactly is this Xu Zhihui figure?

Here is the complete information.

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