Anthony Sinisuka Ginting Champion of Badminton Asia Championships 2023, Here’s His Profile and Career Journey – Anthony Sinisuka Ginting won the Badminton Asia Championships 2023 on Sunday, 30 April 2023.

At the badminton championship held in Dubai, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting defeated Singaporean Loh Kean Yew in two sets with a score of 21-12 and 21-8.

This is the first time Anthony Sinisuka Ginting has won the Badminton Asia Championships and he is the only Indonesian representative this year to win a gold medal at the championships.

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How is Anthony Sinisuka Ginting’s profile and career journey in badminton so far? Let’s look at the following information.

Profile of Anthony Sinisuka Ginting

Reported by the website, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting was born on October 20, 1996 in Cimahi, West Java.

The man of Batak Karo descent first became acquainted with badminton when he was still in kindergarten.

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From, his father, Edison Ginting, was the first person to teach badminton to the 171 cm tall youth.

Ginting then joined PB SGS PLN, a badminton club in Bandung.

The fourth child of five siblings since childhood idolized Taufik Hidayat, a gold medalist in men’s singles badminton at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

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At the age of nine, Ginting has already taken part in tournaments, only two years since he first entered PB SGS PLN.

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