30 Hairstyles and Hairstyles for Little Boys That Aren’t Boring

Stay away from those bowl hairstyles and say hello to suave, stylish young men. These 30 Hairstyles and Hairstyles for Little Boys Are Nothing Boring.

cute boy hairstyle

In fact, not only are they perfect for your little one, but they make him feel cooler and more confident. We recommend letting your little boys examine the photos themselves, in case they find something they really like.

Cutest Boy Hairstyles

Scroll to see if these stylish and fun hairstyles are perfect for your favorite men. We have 30 so there are plenty of little boy hairstyles to choose from.

1. Basic crew cut

Little boy's basic flat head

Shwin & Shwin shows us how to create a basic crew cut for our youngest man. It’s a classic, clean style that’s always on trend and chic. Your little one still looks like your boy, but with a suave edge.

2. Boys’ hairstyles inspired by skatersSkater Inspired Hairstyles for Little Boys

Haircut Inspiration gives us our favorite skater style hairstyles. With longer bangs and a shaved top, your little one will be the more stylish boy in preschool. It’s also easy to keep up with, so mom and dad don’t have to worry.

3. Uneven streaks

1000 Ideas on Little Boy Hairstyles on pinterest Cute Little Boy Hairstyles Cozy Hairstyles for Little Boys

These uneven fringes – with shorter sides – are also a fun experiment. You can set it with gel or style it however you want depending on the day. Check out more like this on A to Z Hairstyles.

4. Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Boy Hairstyles

If your little boy wants a longer, messier look than Macho Hairstyles might be just what he’s looking for. We love the effortless, breezy look that looks great with both formal and casual looks. You might just need a little extra trimming of those bangs between haircuts.

5. Johnny Bravo boy hairstyle

johnny bravo little boy haircut

With a longer crown and some product, we’re obsessed with this Johnny Bravo-inspired hairstyle. It’s so trending right now, we found it featured here at Macho Hairstyles. Just imagine how awesome all those stylish outfits would look with this hairstyle.

6. Hipster Style Hairstyles

trendy hairstyles for little boys

This is the funky style we love and have taken from PureWow. Again, this is a style with a longer top and shorter sides, except there’s more of it at the top. Let those bangs grow out a bit, then tousle them for an effortless, free-spirited style.

7. Pompadour hairstyle

little boy pomapadour

If vintage looks are your inspiration, a pompadour might just be the look you want your little boy to start rocking. Or maybe he was inspired by those old T-bird guys. If so, check out the beauties at Bodh Salon!

8. Pointy Boy Hairstyle

Spiky Boy Hairstyles

Little boys also tend to love those spiky hairstyles. We at Haircut Inspiration found this to be easy to redo and found it easy to keep up with the styling your kids will love. It can even be styled when he wants a more casual, less-fuss hair day.

9. Medium Length Bangs

Boy's messy bangs hairstyle

He can always grow his hair longer if he likes this style from Men’s Stylists. It’s close to medium length and has that effortless messy look that’s really on trend right now. It’s perfect for kids with shaggy and thick hair.

10. Sleek Retro

little boy with retro hairstyle

Comb his hair back! This is another retro-inspired look that can be styled differently every day, but we have a feeling your little one will love rocking it. Check out Beauty Reflections for similar inspiration!

11. Faux Eagle

Little boy fake eagle hairstyle

If your guy is a little pushy and looking to take things to the next level in the hair department, let him go with a faux hawk. You can learn how to do it yourself with this YouTube video. But don’t worry, with the right design, you can still drop those spikes and look dignified and dressed up for an event.

12. Long and Layered

long layered boy hair

Men’s Hairstyle Tips also gave us some inspiration for longer hairstyles for boys. For example, check out these gorgeous blondes. Layer his hair for an edgy and stylish hairstyle.

13. Samurai

Samarai little boy haircut

“Samurai” or what we all like to call “man buns” are all the rage right now too. Your little boy can rock too, like this suave guy! We love the inspiration we find on Instagram, especially those curls!

14. Curly Middle

short curly hairstyles for boys

If your man has some curls to play with, show them off. Choose a longer curly middle and give him some volume. Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration, and if you want to start looking, you can find more here!

15. Faded sides

Boys side parted fade hairstyle

Check out this beauty at A to Z Hairstyles! It’s a classic fade with tough parts that keep his style consistent day in and day out. If you want to get more ideas before you go to the salon with him, go for it.

Bonus: 15 Boy Hairstyles You’ll Love

Looking for more inspiration? Well, next we have some for you. Just something to give you more content to showcase your barber.

16. Ponfi

fluffy boy hairstyle

This one offers more length on the sides and enough length on top to arrange your hair however you want. The style might take a little while to settle in, especially the front strands, but we’re sure it’ll look good in just a few days. We love this photo by @ramses.styles.

17. Trendy top

fashion top

Styling possibilities increase when you allow the crown of hair to grow out a bit, and you can arrange it in many ways. What do you think of these options for @instagoodhairstyleguideformens?

18. Spikes


This cute little guy has a hairstyle we love. It’s super easy to make, even on your own, and then you can set it up on top of a mountain. It works for kids as long as they have enough hair to do it. Image via @coiffeur._instyle._zell on Insta.

19. Red Top

Red top boy hairstyle

If your child is older, you can try dyeing some hair. If it’s just for the summer, this can serve as a cool way for them to express themselves, especially during school holidays. The sides are cut short for a touch of style, and then the top is red. Of course, you can choose any color your child likes. Check it out @janjan4ever.

20. Side Style

Boys side parted hairstyle

Since everyone loves this hairstyle with short sides, now is the perfect time to try some fringes. This sharp design takes things a step further and can’t be done without a little practice, so you might want to stick with something simpler if you’re trying it at home. Love this one by @mancaveend1.

21. Tight Braids

tight braid

If your little one has been growing out their hair for a while, you can go ahead and try these awesome braids. Look at how cute those patterns are! This one from @kidshairbyri on Insta.

22. Wavy Locks

wave locks

If your child wants to experiment with length, you can try this particular hairstyle. The hairstyle needs a little layering, but if they have wavy locks, it locks in like this, with a bit of fluff.

23. Volume


If your child has curly hair, this particular hairstyle will work wonders. It gives them a little length, a little bulk, and for shorter kids, a little height.

24. Sweep

to sweep

By giving your boys a bit of length in the top area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir head, you can have them sweep their hair to one side or the other. It comes with a little volume so they’ll love it.

25. Short hair for boys

short and sweet

Short haircuts are a great option if you want to make sure your little one can comb their hair with ease. This style has shorter hair on the sides and a bit of length on top.

26. High top

high top

With wavy hair, this style looks great because you give the kids a little edge. We just love the way it looks!

27. Unruly


A hairstyle without hair misplaced is great, but an uninhibited cut is also a great option, especially if it suits your child better.

28. Toddler Boy Curls

toddler boy curly hair

For those with curly hair, you can cut it a bit longer. When it comes to style, waves take care of everything.

29. Short and pointy

short and pointed

For kids who want to look a little more mature, this cropped and spiky style will be perfect.

30. Puffy


If your kid really likes the cushion, you can really give him some length on the top of his head.

How to do a boy haircut?

Even if you screw it up, it will grow back. I think it’s only fair to start by saying that. So as long as you understand that practice takes time…you can start. You could be one of the lucky ones and nail it right from the start, which would be great. But more often than not, you’ll need a few trials and errors to get to perfection.

So the “how to cut a boy’s hair” answer, if you’re not a hairstylist, just put your scissors in… cut.

After working as my son’s personal hairstylist for the past few months, I have a piece of personal advice – use a hair cutting kit similar to what you’d find in a professional hair salon. It really helps to make crisp cuts instead of mutilated ones.

Little Boy Hairstyles: Which Is Your Favorite?

He is your baby. So what do you have to give him? Of these little boy hairstyles we’ve looked at today, which one is your favourite?

We have a lot of favorites and we hope you found some of your own. Even better, we hope your kids have found some favorites too, because they should be the ones driving the decision – if they’re the right age, of course.

Drop us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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